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Who is CheerQuest affiliated with?
The CheerQuest are part of Illinois Recreational Association (IRCA). The Illinois Recreational Cheer Association primarily exists to support its member agencies by promoting cheerleading through standardized rules and regulations. It provides resources for its members to enhance the fundamentals of cheer and dance in a fun, safe and educational format.

What type of program is CheerQuest?
CheerQuest is Performance Recreational Cheer Club. A cheer club accepts participants that are interested in cheer, dance and tumbling.  More specifically, CheerQuest was formed so the participants could learn new skills, improve existing skills, participate more competitively, and enjoy recreational and social activities with their teammates.

What will participants learn at CheerQuest?

Participants will learn beginning to advance techniques of cheerleading, dance and tumbling.

  • Foundational stunting skills, progressions in stunting skills, and proper technique
  • Basic to advanced motions and jumps
  • Stretching techniques to increase flexibility for stunting and jumps
  • Increasing motion/jump execution
  • Techniques dance routines with an accent on Hip Hop
  • Competition Showmanship

Other features of CheerQuest that make it unique are: self-motivation, self-administration, self-support, and self-regulation.

Does CheerQuest travel?
CheerQuest competitions are in Illinois with a maximum commute of 120 minutes.  However, some of the Illinois competition may have a national competition attached based on placement.  If a national bid is earned at a competition, that team will be required to attend that national competition.  CheerQuest reserves the right to participate in Midwest Region competition based on availability.

Does CheerQuest have tryouts?
CheerQuest does not have tryouts.  Anyone interested in joining can participate.  However, if your participant falls on the cusp of being placed on two teams they can try out to move up if space is available.

What age or grade do you accept?
We accept grades Kindergarten through 8th grade in 2018.  We are accepting high school participants that are not interested in cheering in High School.  Inquire within.

When does registration begin?
Our registration will remain open until the second week of July of 2018.  On-line registration is required to secure a spot on a team.  Multiple child discounts are available for three or more children on a team.   

What is the registration fee?
Registration fee is $350 which includes the following:

  • Uniform
  • Practice wear
  • Practice Bow
  • Competition Bow
  • Competition shoes
  • Cheer socks
  • Participation Insurance

Each team has a monthly tuition that covers:

  • Practice space
  • Competition fees
  • Competition music
  • Program operation fees

Is volunteering required?
Volunteering is not required but to continue with the success of the program, we will ask participating families to assist during the preparation of competitions and/or service projects.  Cheerleaders will participate in a minimum of 3 community events.

When does the season begin?
Our season begins July 23, 2018.  Our first two weeks of practice will consist of conditioning.  Thereafter, participants will be placed on a team to finalize rosters.

Teams will practice 2-3 days a week for 1-2 hours depending on team placement.  Our practice times will range from 5:30 – 8:00 pm.  CheerQuest coaches reserve the right to increase practice as we get closer to competition weekends.

Where is practice?
Our indoor practice facility is located at 17500 Duvan Dr, Tinley Park, Illinois 60477

Are fundraising opportunities available?
CheerQuest will offer fundraising opportunity.  More information to come soon.   

Does CheerQuest cheer for any sports team?
CheerQuest does not cheer for any sporting team.  We are a competitive cheer club with a focus on cheer, dance and tumbling only. Participants will not be required to attend or travel to basketball games and or football games on a weekly basis to cheer. 

I want to thank all the coaches and cheerleaders or welcoming my daughter to the team this year. Just moving back to the state was hard, but you made her as if she always belonged. From a mom that came from sideline cheer to competitive cheer it has a great experience. Thank you all. - Bonnie


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